Press Release

Female Foreign Ministers’ meeting at the Munich Security Conference: joint statement

We strongly condemn the Taliban’s push to exclude women from all public life: women are kept from strolling in parks, are not seen on TV screens anymore, are deprived from their right to attend schools and universities, and are now also kept from working in humanitarian assistance.
By excluding half of Afghanistan’s population from society, the Taliban are committing gravest violations of human rights. And the Taliban are jeopardizing the future of the whole country.
We are united in our call to lift these restrictions on women, particularly when it comes to their essential role in the delivery of humanitarian assistance. This will restore the basis to deliver the help that the women, children and men of Afghanistan so urgently need.
We stand by the side of the brave women and men of Iran in there daily fight for their rights and their freedom. Their struggle shows that only where women are safe everybody is safe. Not only in Iran, not only in Afghanistan, but all over the world.