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Belgium summons Israeli ambassador

Belgium summons Israeli ambassador and strongly condemns bombing of Belgian development agency Enabel

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hadja Lahbib, summoned the Israeli Ambassador to Belgium, H.E. Idit Rosenzweig-Abu, to the Foreign Affairs Cabinet. The meeting took place in the presence of the Minister of Development Cooperation, Caroline Gennez.
On behalf of Belgium, the ministers strongly condemned the bombing and destruction of the offices of Enabel, the Belgian development agency, in Gaza.
The offices were located in a six-story tower in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip. According to the information we have, no Enabel employees were present in the office building at the time of the bombing.
The destruction of civilian infrastructure is absolutely unacceptable and does not comply with international law. Since the first day of the conflict, Belgium has called on all parties to respect international law.
The violence must stop. Belgium calls for an immediate ceasefire by all parties, permanent and unhindered access for humanitarian aid and the immediate and unconditional release of the hostages. Belgium also calls for the resumption of the peace process and political negotiations that could lead to a two-state solution, the only way out of this conflict.
Finally, two weeks ago, the Belgian government decided to evacuate Enabel staff and their immediate family members. We very much hope that these people – including many children – will be able to leave Gaza quickly and unharmed.
Belgium will put the issue of compensation for the damaged infrastructure of projects financed by the EU and its Member States back on the agenda of a subsequent European consultation.