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B-FAST – First airdrop of emergency aid carried out over Gaza

Today, March 7, Defense successfully carried out a first flight as part of a major airdrop operation, coordinated by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to provide emergency material assistance to the Palestinian populations in Gaza. This flight also dropped some of the food rations purchased through B-FAST to meet urgent needs of the Palestinian populations in Gaza. The operation was carried out in close cooperation with European and international partners.
Belgium, through B-FAST, will participate in subsequent airdrop operations in the coming days, under the aegis of Jordan.
Belgium reiterates its call for unhindered access to humanitarian aid and an immediate ceasefire.
B-FAST is the federal government structure that is activated when emergency aid is provided abroad, and comprises the FPS Home Affairs, the FPS Policy and Support (BOSA), the FPS Public Health, Defense and the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, and in which the Prime Minister's Office is also involved.