Press Release

Belgium to provide 8 million EUR of non-lethal support to the Ukrainian armed forces

At the request of Foreign Minister Lahbib, the Federal Council of Ministers decided that Belgium will provide 8 million EUR in support to the Ukrainian armed forces through NATO. Our country will make a voluntary contribution to NATO's so-called Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) Trust Fund, which provides non-lethal support  to Ukraine.  More specifically, our country will contribute to first aid equipment (including first aid kits) for the Ukrainian armed forces, winter clothing, or – if  the needs have been met in the meantime – other material such as night vision goggles or pharmaceuticals.  Belgian companies will be able to participate in the public tenders.

The Belgian contribution is the result of the decision of the heads of state and government of the allies at NATO-T in Madrid at the  end of  June. It was decided there, at the behest of a number of countries, including Belgium that the non-lethal support to the Ukrainian armed forces through the CAP Trust Fund would be significantly expanded, in order to allow Ukraine to resist Russian aggression and to prepare for post-war reconstruction.  The CAP Trust Fund was originally established in 2016, in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea and bundled and strengthened the various NATO initiatives in support of Ukraine, as a partner country and prospective member. After the Russian invasion at the beginning of this year, the CAP was revised and adapted to the new circumstances.


Prime Minister Alexander De Croo:

“For six months, Ukrainians have been fighting a courageous battle for their freedom and their country. I confirmed to President Zelensky this week that Ukraine can continue to count on Belgium's support. We are now putting our money where our mouth is. Belgium is once again responding to concrete needs and in the coming weeks will be delivering vital materials to Ukraine.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib said: "This winter is likely to be a potentially crucial phase in the conflict. It is therefore very important that the Ukrainian armed forces are given the necessary equipment  to  be able to continue to cope with Russian aggression.  I am proud that our country was one of the first to make equipment available.  Now, six months after the start of this unprovoked, unjustified and illegal war, we continue to provide support.  Above all, our country continues to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and will continue to support its sovereignty in every possible way."